First Principle Meridian

pic-1stprimemeridianAccording to the website for the Whitewater River Foundation:  In October 1798, Israel Ludlow, Deputy Surveyor and a founder of Cincinnati, was appointed by President George Washington to survey this section of the Northwest Territory. He ran a line north from the middle of the mouth of the Great Miami River, as a meridian from which to lay off the government townships and sections. The lower part of the Ohio-Indiana line was thus first laid out for use as a standard meridian for land surveys and not for a state boundary.

There is apparently a stone marker as part of the survey.  I’m going to have to go check this out!

Another visit to the train crash

After having made several visits now, I talked Dee into getting some fresh air and going for a ride.  We headed back down so she could check out the train crash site for herself and then we could scope out some shoot locations.  The rail line has some awesome bridges, basically hidden in the woods.  I can’t wait to come down and do some actual shoots in this area!

Visiting the Ghost Ship

Cincinnati Paddlers (Cincy Paddlers) makes an annual after Halloween pilgrimage to the remains of our area’s own “Ghost Ship”.  Most recently the Circle Line V, the ship has a storied history which includes service in two world wars, serving as an anti sub warfare experiment platform for Thomas Edison, a tour boat, and a cameo appearance in a Madonna music video before ending up rusting and forgotten in a creek near St. Petersburg KY.

Here’s Queen City Discovery’s post on the ship with awesome details on it’s history.

For the Paddlers, the trip is supposed to be Halloween-esq and some paddlers arrived in costumes and decorated their boats.  We of course also had to partake of an after paddle visit to the nearby Skyline…

We launched at Tanner’s creek, near Lawrenceburg, IN and paddled across the Ohio and upriver a bit to the creek.  It was about a 4 mile paddle, round trip.

As you might imagine, I grabbed a picture or two….

I also got some video, but I’ll add that in another post.