Perhaps some wine?

I’ve been wanting to do some potentially messy shoots, and I finally got the garage cleaned out to the point where I can do them. I decided to celebrate with a test shoot.  There’s at least one component missing for my vision for the shoot, but I think it turned out pretty well. What do you think?

This shot used a single LED flood at camera right.  Next time I need to try to find a more powerful light source so I can use a lower ISO for less grain.  I didn’t want to use flash so as to be able to take a rapid series of shots, but I may have to resort to that and work on my timing.

Shooting Maxine and Sally

As you probably know, I occasionally get a chance to do volunteer photography of rescue animals needing a furever home.  One of my biggest clients is an awesome organization called Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue.  They’ve grown to cover several state now, and are entirely foster based.  This means all rescued animals have been placed in a temporary but loving home until they find their furever home.  Recently one of their fosters brought Sally and Maxine to me.  Here they are:

Glassware at the ready…

With all the challenges we’ve been facing the last couple of years, it’s been tough to get motivated to do any shooting remotely artistic.  Fortunately, things have settled a bit, and I’m finding myself becoming inspired again.  Here’s a scene that caught my eye recently.