Gardening and Yard Work

Well, we’re WAY behind in getting our gardens placed, mostly due to money.  Things are just now starting to pick up with the new job and it’s slow going.  We found a few bucks to get started yesterday and we decided that one of the things we decided we wanted was some window boxes on the back stoop, so we started there.

As part of the process we also got a hosta to fill one of the holes in an existing bed.  When we got to that, I found myself annoyed with a branch hanging over. That lead to getting out the loppers. That then lead to getting out the chain saw.  By the time the dust settled we’d trimmed back a mass of stuff along the horse farm fence that had been bugging us forever…

Time in the forest…

Dee and I got to spend a little time on the path less traveled today and reconnected with the woods. While we were there, we visited the Adena Indian mound as well.  

We were able to collect a few downed limbs that will serve well as walking staffs and a handle for Dee’s besom. I’m looking forward to working them.

One thing we noticed is that they’ve added nice trail markers since the last time we were here.