Garr Hill Orienteering

Dennis and I got out again this weekend for another awesome orienteering event with Orienteering Cincinnati. This one started at the Garr Hill boat ramp on Brookville Lake, and had us wandering through woods with a number of great views. Dennis and I did the brown course, described as “short expert” again and while this one was shorter than the last two we did, it was physically as challenging. We ended up just shy of 4 miles of walking with an impressive 400+ feet of elevation change and double digit grades. Nothing like the climb a couple weeks ago, but attention getting still.

Orienteering in Oxford

Dennis and I headed out for another orienteering adventure with Orienteering Cincinnati, and this time we dragged Robert Lane along. This one was in the Natural Areas at Miami U in Oxford. Quote of the day: emerging from the woods about halfway through the course, Dennis says “Oh! Now I know where we are!”

We covered about the same amount of ground as we did on our last brown course.  Fortunately, this one didn’t have any 80%+ max slopes, although we did still manage 300ft of elevation change!

Orienteering at Camp Freidlander

I’m a bit late posting this for sure!  Dennis and I made another orienteering event this past weekend at Camp Friedlander.  We decided this time around to try the brown course.  A dry erase board at the entrance described the various courses and brown was listed as the “expert short course”.  We based our choice on last week’s adventure, and the suggestion that we try the brown course after we felt the yellow course was too easy.  Well, if we wanted a challenge, we got one.  It was about three and a half hours of adventure and resulted in almost a 5 mile walk and 300ft of elevation change.  Wowza!

The first control point should have been a clue since it was well hidden in the remains of some cement structure.  We didn’t learn our lesson from the second control point either.  That one established the word of the day: “gully”.  From then on, if we couldn’t find the control point when we got close, we just needed to look for the nearest gully…   Thankfully Dennis did most of the climbing so as to prevent injuring my foot.