I may have chosen poorly…

On my choice of transportation today! This is looking west as I approached Gratis on my way into West Alex!

Fortunately I made  it to the station with only a modicum of wetness and got the wing in the bay before the big stuff hit.

In related news… I had to bring a few extra things along today… but that didn’t stop me from riding the wing anyway!


A fun run to Portsmouth!

Undeterred by the early morning cold, two die hard Chapter 44 members, me and Mark, met up for a tasty breakfast at the Village Restaurant in Waynesville before heading off for Portsmouth. After a quick stop in Chillicothe to pick up riders that didn’t show, we continued on to meet a lone rider from Chapter 309 at the wall.

The murals here are amazing!  I’ve heard about the “wall” many times, but I guess I expected it to be ONE mural.  Not so.  The wall is probably a half mile long and many murals depict the history of the area in great detail!

Once we’d had our fill of murals, we enjoyed a tasty lunch at the Portsmouth Brewing Company before parting ways with the 309 member for the ride back. For me it was SR73 all the way to 350 through Ft. Ancient and into Lebanon.  What an awesome motorcycle route!  It turned into a gorgeous day, and a good time was had by all.  Pictures of course: