The End of an Era

As I was out running errands today, I stopped by the post office and was surprised to see that they had pulled up the tracks running along side.  I knew the tracks weren’t getting much use, but it was kind of depressing to see them gone.  It’s funny, but these are the same tracks I spotted the work vehicle on just a couple of weeks ago.

Wondering a bit about who’s tracks they were and where they connected, I looked into the maps a bit.  Turns out that these tracks where part of the large loop spur that branched of the old Baltimore and Ohio, now CSX main that runs northwest.  The spur crossed Main St. and then Eaton Ave before heading back down toward the river and Champion paper. The wide angle shot in the slide show below is looking south toward the main line. Although it’s not easily visible, about mid line in the shot is the remains of the short spur that branches off east into what I think used to be a scrap yard.  The switch is gone, but the rails into the small yard remain.

Considering that the mill is long closed and while being redeveloped, won’t be industrial any more, I guess it’s no wonder that it’s time to pull up the tracks.  I wonder what happened to the red and black engine we used to see moving box cars around near Champion.

Here’s a database of pictures of the Great Miami (GMRY) line that used to run these rails.

Finding JZ0553

One of the things I love to do while I’m out exploring is finding the benchmarks around the area I’m checking out.  These marks have been in place for almost 70 years and I feel like they kind of connect you with a spot on the map and a bit of history of the place.   JZ0553 is no exception.  This benchmark is located on a massive railroad bridge hidden in the woods.  I had the opportunity to cross it while looking for the remnants of a 50 year old train derailment.  I found the remains too, but that’s another post 🙂

Here’s the details of JZ0553 on

Another visit to the train crash

After having made several visits now, I talked Dee into getting some fresh air and going for a ride.  We headed back down so she could check out the train crash site for herself and then we could scope out some shoot locations.  The rail line has some awesome bridges, basically hidden in the woods.  I can’t wait to come down and do some actual shoots in this area!