Twin Creek Preserve Geoaching

I had a bit of time to kill the other day and since I was in the area again, I decided to visit the Twin Creek Preserve. The area is a beautiful restored natural area in Sharonville where Mill Creek and the East Fork of Mill Creek come together.  It’s a huge effort to help clean up Mill Creek and help restore some of the natural environment in this area that’s been destroyed by decades of devolpment.

I’ve been here before for a geocache, which is how I found the place. Since I’ve been here though a couple puzzle caches have been added. 

I haven’t been doing many puzzle caches, but since I was here…

These were both cases of making up the final coordinates from information found on signs throughout the preserve. Pretty cool. Found them both. Check out the pictures:

Finding JZ0553

One of the things I love to do while I’m out exploring is finding the benchmarks around the area I’m checking out.  These marks have been in place for almost 70 years and I feel like they kind of connect you with a spot on the map and a bit of history of the place.   JZ0553 is no exception.  This benchmark is located on a massive railroad bridge hidden in the woods.  I had the opportunity to cross it while looking for the remnants of a 50 year old train derailment.  I found the remains too, but that’s another post ūüôā

Here’s the details of JZ0553 on

GC1C0EV – Guilford Covered Bridge

I don’t normally pay much attention to micro caches, but after having visited this bridge several times now, I decided I would mark the cache off my list. ¬†Amusingly, the description of the cache indicated we were looking for a magnetic container. ¬†The reason this is amusing is that the bridge is wood. ¬†All wood. ¬†Near the display describing the bridge and it’s history though is one metal pipe. ¬†Not sure of it’s purpose. ¬†In any case, finding the geocache took about 10 seconds :).

GC1C0EV – Guilford Covered Bridge on

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