About the Author

NYE2013-0640wmsmWell, if you stumbled onto this page you must be insanely curious or particularly bored!  In any case, thanks for visiting.  As I indicated in my welcome page, this site is a means for me to share my world with my friends and family.  Many of these people are at least in other states and a few are even in other countries.  If you’re one of those people, you probably know this stuff.  If not, and you’re still curious, keep reading.

I’m (depending on the moment) a firefighter, paramedic, electronics engineer, and a photographer.  I’ve been doing all of these things for many years.  Some more than others obviously.   If you look through my posts and especially check out my pictures you’ll see these  things reflected everywhere.  I’ll not post details on each of them here  much more than to say just look around and follow the links.  I suspect you’ll find more than you cared to know.  I also love the outdoors and my hobbies and interests are all well reflected in my posts and pictures as well.

In hindsight, I probably didn’t even need this page… but hey, you were bored anyway, right? 😀