PGR Mission 2 – Escort Sgt JP Huling

It was a bit chilly this morning rolling out at 0415 to make staging in West Chester for this escort.   This was to be my second deployment with the Patriot Guard, and while I wasn’t happy about the reason for the mission, I’m honored and excited to be a part of it.

Here’s a few seconds of video from my position in the motorcade.   The video doesn’t do it justice.  You should have seen the flags and heard them in the wind.

PGR Mission – Escort Sgt. JP Huling – Services

Today we have the honor of escorting Sgt. JP Huling to his memorial service.

J.P. Huling, of West Chester, was killed while on foot patrol in Anwar Province and was ambushed by what appeared to be an Afghan military policeman, according to his mother, Debbie Huling.

Huling’s death was originally reported by the International Security Assistance Force, which characterized it as the result of gunshot wounds inflicted by someone wearing an Afghan National Army uniform.

Huling suffered a gunshot wound to the chest and was flown by a helicopter to a hospital, where he died of his injuries.

WLWT – West Chester Marine Dies In Afghanistan

There is an amazing amount of support and recognition online for Sgt. Huling.  While it’s way too much to try to cite here, a Google search on his name yields several hundred thousand entries.

It is our honor to escort you today Sgt. Huling.  Rest in Peace.  Your service is done and we thank you.

Here are my images from the mission:

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