Dee at the Fountain

After bribing the Dee with some sushi at our favorite local place, Cloud Nine in Mt. Lookout, we headed over to the beautiful fountain at Ault Park for some night time shots.  There was a party in the pavilion, so we had to limit the sexiness.  Maybe nextime… 😉

These were particularly challenging as it was pitch black except for the lights from the fountain, which made focusing difficult.  Then, I forgot my tripod, so all of these were handheld.  And of course, the flash took this moment to crap out, so I had to resort to the built in flash.  I guess they turned out ok eh?

Abandoned Railroad Building

In another few minutes of free time the other day, I decided to check out an abandoned railroad building I spotted recently. I originally thought it was an old station, but looking trackside, it didn’t seem to have a platform or track access. I concluded it was some kind of depot building rather than a station.

It would be a neat location for a photoshoot eh? Check out the pictures:

Twin Creek Preserve Geoaching

I had a bit of time to kill the other day and since I was in the area again, I decided to visit the Twin Creek Preserve. The area is a beautiful restored natural area in Sharonville where Mill Creek and the East Fork of Mill Creek come together.  It’s a huge effort to help clean up Mill Creek and help restore some of the natural environment in this area that’s been destroyed by decades of devolpment.

I’ve been here before for a geocache, which is how I found the place. Since I’ve been here though a couple puzzle caches have been added. 

I haven’t been doing many puzzle caches, but since I was here…

These were both cases of making up the final coordinates from information found on signs throughout the preserve. Pretty cool. Found them both. Check out the pictures: